Old-Timey Tips for a Better Duck Hunt

download (2)Most people believe that, because we live in a modern world, all the stuff our fathers and grandfathers have taught us are now useless. Well, they couldn’t be further from the truth, because you’d be surprised at how many of those things we can use even today. Such is the case with Duck Hunting; just because you have a fancy gun and fancy equipment, doesn’t mean that everything you were taught from the older people should just be forgotten. No, quite the opposite, we should use that old knowledge, and make our hunting experience even better. And that is why we give to you some of the old-timey duck hunting tips that you can use, and improve your hunting game.

In the past, there were no motion decoys, and the hunters had to jerk the strings or to put their legs in the water in order to create a sense of movement there and create a ripple in it. And as we have said, some of these tricks could even be used nowadays, and such is the case with this one. You can place an electric motor on your blind, or anywhere near your spread. This will make the propeller of that motor send ripples through the water, just make sure you place it just below the surface. That way, you’ll have continuous ripple effect, and constant motion.If you are looking for a good spot to go duck hunting yous should check out duck hunting close to DFW.

Another great old tip that you can use is creating a fake water hole. You can do it by using large sheets of plastic, which can be used to mimic the look of a shallow body of water that stands in a field. This can even work on geese, but you just have to remove any grass or weed beneath the sheet of plastic, and put it on it. Also, you can place some decoys around it, and the birds will look down on it, and think it is a body of water. And especially if you sprinkle it a bit, to give it that watery look.

Muddying the waters was a trick that way used in the past quite frequently. This is done because the ducks do it do while they’re feeding in the shallow waters. The other ducks will think, upon seeing a muddy water, that there was another duck there just recently, and that the water is safe. So, that way, you’ll know exactly where a duck will lend, and you just have to wait for it.download (3)

In the old days, the duck hunters would look lazy, in order not to let the ducks see them. You see, when the weather is still, warm, and cloudy, the ducks see pretty much everything, including the hunter. And, that is why the hunter needs to be invisible. Of course, being invisible is not possible, but it is possible to be low key. That is why the ducks won’t see you if you’re not moving that much and being lazy. That will make them believe that the field is safe.


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